Fusion Commissioned to make Monster Supercross Trophy In Vegas

Posted: May 19, 2014
  • Fusion trophy made for Monster Supercross in VegasMotorcross on YouTube
  • Fusion trophy Winner made for Monster Motorcross
  • Closeup of trophy Made for 2014 Monster Supercross in Vegas
  • Fusion trophy Winner made for Monster Motorcross

Monster Supercross 2014 Final

Trophy Designed For Tucker Hibbert at the Monstor Supercross Final

Tucker Hibbert and Team 68 left the snow behind and headed to Las Vegas to celebrate a record-breaking snocross season. What Tucker thought was weekend to kick-back with his crew, was actually all about a BIG surprise Monster Energy had brewing for him at the Supercross final. Check out this video to see how Monster pulled it off!

Coming Up With the Design

Our team put together some ideas and had several ideas. This final design was the winner. From design to fabrication this was one hefty trophy. We used metal and then did some etching and painting to make the trophy pop and make a big impression.

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