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Posted: May 20, 2014
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Use Outdoor Signage to Determine Winning Locations

Anything used outdoors to convey an advertising message is outdoor media advertising. Before spending on a permanent sign, try out different locations to see which area improves your traffic with outdoor signage. Outdoor signs are highly cost effective compared to media advertising, and can be moved around to find the winning locations.

Types of outdoor signage include, feather banners, avenue banners, weekend traffic signs, etc. These are cost effective enough for you to try out different wording and colors to test which works best of your.

Other Best Practices

Track your results.

Be sure to ask customers how they found you to confirm which signage location works best for you.

Test different locations

Try out a few different locations on and around your location. You might want to try out areas where people are waiting when they are more likely to read your signs. Also think about how fast they will be going past your signage. Make sure it's legible enough to read at the average speed and distance.

Speak to your customers' language.

People like business that make them feel understood. Keep in mind when customers what state of mind customers are usually in when they go to your business. Capitalzie on that in your wording to have a more compelling signage to get them to your door.

Test color combinations

Test different colors to help you determine the best combination. Make sure it doesn't blend in with it's surroundings

When you find the winning combination you can invest in a permanent signage. It is one of the most cost efficient of anything that you can use. Fusion Sign and Design makes distinctive, high-quality signs designed to set your business apart from your competition. If your interested in finding out more about what we do, check out some examples of our Weekend Traffic Signs or our Signs Banners and Flags.


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