LED Illuminated Monument Sign: Telsa Dealership


Fusion Sign fabricated an internally illuminated LED monument sign for a Tesla car dealership. The monument sign was installed on a high-traffic street to capture motorist attention from dawn to dusk.

Illuminated Electrical Exterior Sign: Brethren Brewing Co.


Fusion Sign fabricated and installed an illuminated electrical exterior sign of a brewery logo and name. The advantage of this type of signage is that it lights up from behind at night, attracting customers to your location. Perfect for businesses and storefronts that have nighttime operating hours.

Painted Prairie a Multi-Family Project


A single family project, the first masterplan community in Menifee, California. This project feature a complete signage program including community monuments, wayfinding sign systems, street signs, ,model complex, and onsite and offsite marketing signs.

Lewis Management an Architectural & Electrical Sign Project


Fusion Sign fabricated and installed an architectural and electrical monument sign for a new masterplan community developed by Lewis Management. The sign consisted of backlit channel letters of the community name. Visible day and night for future home owners.

Toll Brothers a Commercial Project


Toll Brothers’ corporate building gets a new halo lit sign. Also known as a reverse channel letters sign, it delivers your branding message day or night. Get your business shining brightly with a Fusion Sign custom fabricated halo lit sign.

City of Long Beach a Municipality Project


A municipality project for the City of Long Beach, located on the shoreline of Los Alamitos Beach. The channel letters sign is for a concession building. Illuminated LED pylon sign displaying current temperature.

Ranch Signs an Exterior Signage Project


A cattle ranch looking to update and replace two signs used to advertise cattle for sale—a post sign at the ranch’s main entrance and a trailer plaque.

Cinnamon Ridge a Single-Family Project


Cinnamon Ridge is a 170 single-family project located in Sparks, Nevada. Fusion Sign fabricated and installed a LED illuminated channel letters monument sign for the community. The advantage of a LED illuminated exterior sign is that it is ideal for day and night, capturing traffic and attention 24/7.

Laderach Chocolatier Suisse a Commercial Project


A commercial project of a Swiss chocolate company located in San Francisco Premium Outlets, in Livermore, California. Fusion Sign fabricated and installed illuminated channel letters of the company’s name on a store location.

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