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Fusion Sign offers comprehensive solutions to meet clients’ signage, branding, and marketing needs.

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Why We're Awesome

Fusion Sign delivers experience and expertise in fabricating, installing, and printing signage for clients from a wide range of industries, including developers and builders of commercial, multi-family, and single-family projects to cities and municipalities, and businesses of all shapes and sizes for nearly 15 years.

Our complete signage, branding, and marketing solutions combined with a team of dedicated professionals are ready to serve local clients and brands that do business nationwide.

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You'll Value Our Values

Fusion Sign team members are overachievers because we always seek to improve what we do and how we do it. We are tireless in the pursuit of ensuring our client is happy on every project, from start to finish.


We are service oriented. We go the extra mile.


We encourage everyone to contribute and share ideas.


We are problem-solvers. We get the job done.


We take pride and initiative in our work.

Loving What We Do

Fusion Sign strives for success and appreciates when our peers recognize and believe in what we do.


Did you know these facts about Fusion Signs? We proudly provide signage, branding, and marketing solutions and are deeply entrenched in the local communities where our offices are based.

Nationwide Service Area

We work with clients that have national brands and provide our service where they need us.

Founded in 2007

We have nearly 15 years of experience in fabricating and printing signage.

8 Locations

With locations covering the Western States, we deliver our service where our clients develop, build, and do business.

Over 300 Employees

We help create jobs and employ residents in our local communities.

Safety First

Safety is our priority, whether on-site at our facilities or in the field.

Charities & Community Involvement

We don't just do business in our communities; we get involved and support.

Experts dedicated to finding solutions


Meet the Team

We combine teamwork and resourcefulness to overcome challenges, thrive, and succeed for our clients through every project we deliver.

Dave Haffter


Loren Hanson


Gabrielle Buckley


Scott Martin

VP of Operations

Cheryl Richards

CA Operations

Rachel Otero

VP of Sales

Robin Tait

Division Manager
Las Vegas, NV

Jean White

Division Manager
Casa Grande, AZ

Andy Schultz

Division Manager
Denver, CO

Brian Johnson

Division Manager
Northern California
& Reno, NV

Kurt Smith

Division Manager
Colorado Springs, CO

Rhomney Burke

Division Manager
San Jose, CA

Adaptive and flexible in any condition

Our Capabilities are Our Advantage

We consistently deliver a competitive advantage to our clients through our core competencies. They allow us the resources to prioritize what is most important to provide complete solutions to any project.


CNC Engraving​

Our engraving machine, combined with the CAD-CAM software, can create precision milling paths that render any design drawing. The entire engraving is computer-based and less error-prone than manual engraving to produce unique signs.


Field Installation

Fusion Sign's professional fleet of reliable vehicles and installers is at your service. We offer complete signage installation on-site, including any components, equipment, and/or construction to be completed or installed at the site.


Graphic Design

We help you create the visual art of communicating your brand and its message.


Interior Design

Well-designed space pays for itself, and our team can help you every step of the way through the interior design process.


Large Format Printing

When standard commercial printing presses can't handle the job. Our wide format, large format printing will get the job done.


Metal Fabrication

Our in-house production team provides full metal fabrication of signage. We can cut, bend, shape, and assemble metal into special structural signs to meet your project demand.


Paint Shop

Fusion Sign production facilities can provide an automotive painted quality finish on any substrate in our sign creation process.


Project Management

Let our team help achieve your project goals and meet your constraints, whether it is the scope of work, time, or budget. Together we will overcome the challenges of optimizing and allocating all resources to create and complete your signage solution projects from beginning to end.


Sewing Department

Our shop of industrial sewing machines allowing us to sew banners, flags, and awnings.


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