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The following is a list or job duties and requirements that must be meet on a daily bases as an Installer with Fusion Sign and Design. It is your responsibility to make sure each and every item is done in order to have a successful and safe day. Please read each item carefully and make sure you have full understanding. Failure to following these policy set forth can result in a formal write up which can lead to suspension or even termination of employment. Also the Installer position requires you to $tart work at different times each day depending on the work load and or clients schedules.

Job Duties:

  • To work closely with Install Coordinator on all jobs that you will be working on for the day.
  • To pull product and load your truck with all required materials needed for Install for the day.
  • To get with Install Coordinator and review each job you will be doing for the day and make sure you have fool understanding of what is required of you.
  • To make sure each and every product gets safely wrap and tied down to you truck so not to get damage when transporting to job sites.
  • To review each product for any flaws or mistakes before loading on to truck. (You will be required to sign off on all work orders) if you notice something Is not right you must inform your supervisor. He will make the decision on whether the job will go as Is or not.
  • To make sure you have all the proper tools with you for all jobs you will be installing for the day. ( If you do not have a tool or hardware get with you supervisor)
  • To make sure your truck is clean and in good working order at all times. (if maintenance is needed inform your supervisor)
  • At the end of each day you are to unload your truck, make sure all doors and tools are locked up before you leave and turn keys in.
  • To make sure all Install staff trucks and tools are In good working order and they have proper tools needed to do the Jobs they have for the day.
  • You will need to make sure to get your supervisor at the end of each day to get your schooled for the next day ( what time to come In ) do to the workloads Installers may need to be in ea rifer or later in the day to meet clients time frames.

Please keep in mind you must show up to work on time and in the proper dress code before the start of each shift.


  • Clean, Neat professional appearance
  • Clear verbal and written skills
  • Must have great attitude and be out going
  • Must be able to multi task
  • Must be in good physical shape.
  • Must be able to lift up to (60) ponds
  • Must be able to climb ladders and not be afraid of heights.
  • Must have common knowledge of power tools and read tape measure. Must have at least 1 year construction knowledge
  • Must have clean DMV record
  • Must be able to work different shifts and weekends


Compensation DOE

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