Fusion Sign Denver Helping Bring Awareness with F.A.C.T.

F.A.C.T. Banner

Fusion Sign – Denver Division has taken a significant step in raising awareness about the devastating impact of fentanyl by partnering with F.A.C.T. (Fentanyl Awareness Care Team). Through the provision of high-visibility signage, Fusion Sign is helping to educate the public on the dangers of this potent synthetic opioid. These signs, strategically placed throughout the community, serve not only as a reminder of the critical need for awareness but also as a beacon of hope and information for those affected. The collaboration aims to curb the rising tide of fentanyl-related overdoses and fatalities by informing the community about prevention, support, and resources available. This initiative highlights Fusion Sign’s commitment to social responsibility and the vital role that local businesses can play in addressing public health crises.

Fusion Sign can help increase visibility for your charity work through signage.

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