Aspire at Paseo a Multi-Family Project


Rooftop, Interior, Exterior, and Monument Signage

Client Name: Ovation Property Development

A general contractor and real estate development company, Ovation Property Development designs and builds Class A apartment communities in metropolitan Las Vegas. 

Project Name: Aspire at Paseo

The project is a modern, multi-family apartment complex located in Henderson, Nevada. Within easy reach of retail, national preserves, and just 20 minutes from colorful Las Vegas nightlife.

Location of Project: Henderson, NV

Types of Signage Used on the Project:

Rooftop Community ID Signage:

  • Fusion Sign was asked to design a sign that would be visible from the freeway. The “Portland Oregon” sign atop the White Stag Building, located in Portland, Oregon, inspired this request.

Interior Signage:

  • Room IDs and Unit IDs

Exterior Signage:

  • For the pool area, parking structure, carports, and garage

Monument Signage:

  • Internally illuminated monument at the entry

A unique challenge:

The community was situated next to a power line and a freeway. Choosing the best location to install the rooftop community sign was challenging until we saw an opportunity with a parapet.

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