Painted Prairie a Multi-Family Project


Wayfinding Solutions, Onsite and Offsite Marketing Signs, V-shape Billboards, Wrapped Box Signs, Park ID Signs

Client Name: Painted Prairie Phase I LLC

The owners are long-term Colorado developers who have developed communities within Colorado for nearly 30 years.

Project Name: Painted Prairie

Painted Prairie is a well-thought-out community that includes housing in most price point ranges, multiple community event centers, parks with details like neighborhood gardens, and viewing parks with natural vegetation from different parts of Colorado.

Project Location: North East Denver

The community is adjacent to the E470 Hwy which allows access to the entire metropolitan area within 15 min, is 10 min from Denver International Airport, and is neighbors with the Denver Gaylord resort.

Types of Signage Used on the Project:

V-Shaped Billboards:

Large signs that border the property include constructed V-shaped structures allowing the best visibility. These are billboard-type construction signage. Great for advertising a new community project.

Wrapped Box Signage:

As you drive around the community the developer placed wrapped box-type signs for each builder within the community. Entering the community the signs step down to smaller wrapped box type signs to direct future homeowners to each builder sales office. Each builder maintains the same sales and model signs specific to their brand name, these signs are also wrapped box-type signs.

Park ID Signage:

With multiple parks within the project, Fusion Sign fabricated metal structures to ID each park with a list of its amenities. The community also maintains several parks with vegetation specific to Colorado and these parks include signage markers describing the natural plants and their significance to Colorado.

Community Garden Signage:

Each community garden received garden ID markers and custom markers indicating the garden type and neighborhood involved with the garden.

A Unique Challenge:

Fusion Sign consulted with the developer and each builder to create a consistent clean community without the clutter of multiple builder signs and we kept the sign presentation consistent with the spirit of the community. Fusion Sign also completed two rounds of marketing signage for the developer. Once, before Painted Prairie won the 2022 NAHB national community of the year award. And after receiving the award, the second round of marketing signage was created and installed to capitalize on marketing the project with its winning recognition.

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