City of West Hollywood a Municipality Project

West-Hollywood-LED-monument-sign (10)

Pylon Sign

Client Name: City of West Hollywood

A city welcome pylon sign design by Selbert Perkins Design firm. The sign has architectural features that would stand out. It features a message board with changeable announcements that would inform motorist and pedestrian.

Project Name: City of West Hollywood welcome pylon sign

The city welcome pylon sign is 17 ½ feet tall and 3 ½ feet wide with a 113-degree twist at the bottom. The top of the sign has a LED information and message display board. Side panels with color-changing LED lights. The City of West Hollywood name pierce cut, back lit. The entire sign was painted silver.

Project Location: 8300 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, Ca 90069

Types of Signage Used on the Project:

Special Features of the Pylon Sign:

  • An Optec Intelligent-M2 inf-Mod 6.67mm full color LED display board that runs off Wi-Fi. The city can change the message content at any time
  • Twenty color RGB LEDs side panels that are Wi-Fi controlled and can be changed at any time by the city
  • The base frame is a ¾” steel plate and 6” steel tube that has ¼” thick aluminum plates running up the sign for structural support and is skinned with .080 alum paint

A Unique Challenge:

  • The bottom half of the sign was very challenging to achieve the 113-degree ratios. Each aluminum plate had to be at the same rotation going up the sign to get the smooth transition that the design required. To achieve this, Fusion Sign needed to slice and form the aluminum angle and notch the plates to create the smooth ratios.

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